Why do I need travel insurance?

There is no standardization of coverage for foreign travel on Medicare and private insurance. Many health insurance plans have gaps and limitation of coverage. Standard health insurance plans are standardized domestically, they are not designed for international travel. You may be putting your health at risk without even realizing it. We can help you find a travel insurance plan to give you piece of mind when traveling aboard. Relax without worrying about incurring large medical bills and call us for more information.  


What does it cover?

Travel plans cover illness and injury when traveling outside of the United States. It covers things such as: physician visits, emergency medical and dental treatment, hospital room and board and surgery as other major medical plans would. Travel insurance expands coverage to include emergency medical evacuation and political evacuation. Call us to find an affordable plan that fits your needs.


 How much does it cost?

ADH Insurance Agency trusts the International Medical Group (IMG). IMG has offered travel insurance around the globe for over 25 years. They offer 24/7 worldwide customer service, medical management services, and multilingual claims adjusters. Not only are they one of the most competitive companies on the market, but they also have the service that we demand. Most clients find the cost for travel insurance to be very reasonable. Call us today to get a quote to cover your travel plans.


I already have health insurance so I'm covered, right?

Your health insurance and credit card may cover you in some instances of illness and injury, but few plans are as comprehensive as travel insurance. Prior to traveling, check of all of your existing insurance policies so you're aware of your covered and where there are possible gaps. Still not sure if your covered? Call us to help.


How far in advance do I need to purchase travel insurance?

You can purchase travel insurance the day before travel. The policy and ID cards are emailed to you immediate after purchase. Call us now to start the process.