What is short term medical insurance?

Short term medical insurance is designed to bridge the gap in health care coverage in times when you do not have other coverage options. Let us help you avoid a costly mistake of having no insurance in that gap. Call us today.


Why would I need a short term medical policy?

Short Term Medical is perfect for situations where coverage is needed while waiting for other coverage to start. Some examples of these situations include: loss of job, divorce, or an alternative to COBRA coverage. Coverage is typically not recommended for over 60 days. We can help get the necessary coverage you need.


Do short term medical policies meet ACA requirements?

No, Short Term health insurance plans are NOT MINIMUM ESSENTIAL COVERAGE under the ACA, and you may face a tax penalty for not carrying health insurance. Please see details regarding Minimum Essential Coverage here: https://www.healthcare.gov/fees/fee-for-not-being-covered/


How soon can I get covered?

We can start your coverage as soon as tomorrow. Call us today.


Can I keep my current doctor?

You can check United Healthcare’s Choice network here: https://connect.werally.com/medicalProvider/root to see if your current doctor is a member of the network.


Are prescriptions covered?

Prescriptions are covered under some plans offered by United Healthcare. Let us help you understand which plan will work for you.